April 28, 2019

Welcome to my blog! I’m excited to share with everyone my passion and thirst for knowledge about mental health, especially anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and related disorders. I intend for this blog to be accessible to everyone, and not just for mental health clinicians, researchers, and academics.

This blog will focus on several topics. I plan to keep everyone abreast of what I’m doing professionally, whether it be attending conferences, participating in webinars, or engaging in advocacy work. My work, like that of many professionals in this field, is not only about patient care, but about raising awareness, understanding, and compassion about mental health. As news items pop up in the mainstream media regarding mental health, I hope to provide a clinical and compassionate perspective, and, in some cases, correct misinformation (intentional or unintentional) and challenge the “easy” solutions to mental health issues. Unfortunately, there is much misinformation and misunderstanding about mental health, even with “common” concerns, such as anxiety and OCD. I want to answer questions and offer accurate information about anxiety, OCD, and related disorders; discuss treatment for these disorders; and encourage conversations among trusted friends and family members.

If you have a question, or a topic you’d like me to address, please email me at Stephanie@StephanieWoodrow.com. I will not be able to answer questions about a specific person, case, or situation, but can use this public forum to talk about said issues as a whole.