The National Anxiety and OCD Treatment Center, or NAOT Center, offers treatment to those struggling with anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and related disorders. Our specialized education, training, and experience in these areas allow us to provide evidence-based treatment to help patients thrive. We believe that collaboration – whether it be between patients and their therapists, between professionals and patients’ loved ones, or among clinicians – improves the therapeutic experience and environment for all. Naot is a Hebrew word meaning “oasis,” which we hope to be for our patients and their loved ones.

Through interjurisdictional agreements and teletherapy, our goal is to provide specialized treatment across the country. We hope to reduce the access-to-care limitations placed on those struggling with anxiety disorders, OCD, and related disorders but living in areas where few, if any, therapists have extensive training and experience with evidence-based treatment for these disorders.

We aim to help our patients live their best lives – whatever that might look like for them individually – and have them complete treatment stronger, more independent through newly acquired skills, and overall happier and more fulfilled.

Live the life you’ve dreamed ~ Henry David Thoreau